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anonymouse user

What's the secret to getting hired at Virginia Mason Medical Center?


Posted @ 05:18PM, November 09, 2007 by Anonymous

Jessica Schwabe

How would you describe what you did at Virginia Mason Medical Center?

PACU - short stay recovery
Recover patients after general anesthesia, pain management, post op teaching
Primary care nursing 1-2 patients

Posted @ 09:05AM, August 12, 2007 by Jessica Schwabe

Carol Pierce

How would you describe what you did at Virginia Mason Medical Center?

--Acted as a sub-investigator for several FDA clinical trials studying implantable medical electronics for the severely hearing impaired
--Responsible for managing documentation compliance with FDA regulations involving clinical trials of implantable devices at a regional
cochlear implant center

--Performed diagnostic audiology including site of lesion, medical-legal, and cochlear implant evaluations for diverse populations at this premier Seattle medical center
--Served hearing impaired patients through various rehabilitative strategies including analog, digital, and frequency transposition hearing aid fittings, and cochlear implant programming
--Provided intraoperative monitoring of auditory brainstem response during acoustic neuroma surgery
--Instructed patients in care, use, and maintenance of devices for hearing impairment
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Posted @ 10:57AM, May 24, 2007 by Carol Pierce

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