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Zapoint SkillsMapper is a social network just for your company. It helps you to connect, share ideas and advance your career - all inside your workplace.

SkillsMapper is a free application, and can be implemented by anyone within your organization.

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Here are just a few of the things you can do within SkillsMapper...

  • Build a Career Path
  • Map, analyze, and build your skill set
  • Share Ideas, articles, videos and more

What is SkillsMapper?

SkillsMapper combines the latest in company social networking, collaboration and career management technology into a single web platform.

Can I use my Jobster account?

Absolutely, yes! Both Jobster and Zapoint are built on the Zapoint Talent Profile, so your full profile will automatically be carried across.

Jobster & Zapoint

Zapoint and Jobster

Helping professionals advance their careers

Zapoint helps individuals to connect, collaborate and expand their career potential within a company.

Jobster does the same thing, but outside of the company.

Zapoint acquired Jobster in 2010.

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