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First a little about myself; I am an engineer with heavy management experience with exposure largely in laser and aircraft manufacturing and maintenance as well as electrical engineering experience coming from my time served in the Marines and while working at Textron. I am a level-headed, energetic, hands-on type engineer, I have been recognized for my tendency to not be afraid to get my hands dirty and dive into the details of operational issues. I think on my feet. Though I understand that administrative tasks may be part of the job, I am not a big pencil-pusher. I love being on the factory floor, in fact it is not uncommon for me to rarely be at my desk. I've always believed an engineer who is engaged with his staff and in-the-loop is in a better position to lead. This allows me the valuable opportunity to make quick decisions and provide and receive instant feedback. During this decision making process I am very analytical and pragmatic, I don't set unachievable goals or expectations. I make fair and ethical decisions based on fact and business conditions. I am very flexible and creative; because of my military background and experience in aircraft and laser mfg I have the ability to adapt to a diverse range of work environments. This exposure allows me to produce effective, adaptive answers to any problem that may arise. I'm very calm during stressful situations.

Posted: Dec 22, 2010

Michael Aguayo

Michael Aguayo

Burbank, Washington
  • Manufacturing Manager / JDSU