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Katherine Akey

Katherine Akey

New York, New York

Languages Spoken

  • English (Native)
  • French (Conversational)

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Personal Summary

I grew up traveling the world, from Greece and Turkey to Australia and Nepal, from Provence and Ireland to Egypt and China, following my archaeologist parents through their travels. My early and prolonged exposure to art and classics fed my passion for the visual arts from a very young age. At New York University, I studied a variety of disciplines: psychology, philosophy, linguistics, and art history. The culmination of all of these different subjects has given me a unique insight into the human mind, into creativity and the passion for beauty that lies within all of us. I do not, however, plan on becoming a psychologist or a professor in the field. I am an artist at my core, and I feel that my studies at school have helped that part of me grow in new directions. I am a writer, a photographer, and an all-around craftsman. I love to get my hands dirty, to sew, to glue, to decoupage, to paint, to build. I am not afraid of saws, am not afraid of getting dye on my clothes. I want to both create art and pass art on to the next generation through teaching and preservation/conservation efforts.


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